Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018   The year 2017 finally ended quite calmly in view of the complexity of today’s world. Thus, outside, the storm blows its cold wind, but it is under the sign of serenity that the new year 2018 opens its doors to us.     For https://www.resimarmo.uk (RESIMARMO United kingdoms), this is a rather special year, as we will celebrate in 2018 : Seven and a half years of the websites https://www.resimarmo.com (RESIMARMO United States) and https://rwww.resimarmo.eu (RESIMARMO Europe), Seven years of the website https://www.resimarmo.it (RESIMARMO Italia), The six of the site https://www.resimarmo.fr (RESIMARMO France), The five and a half years of the website https://www.resimarmo.uk (RESIMARMO United kingdoms), Five years of the website https://www.resimarmo.be (RESIMARMO Belgium), Four years of the https://www.resimarmo.lu website (RESIMARMO Luxembourg), The three years of the https://www.resimarmo.ch website (RESIMARMO Switzerland), Two years of the website https://www.resimarmo.de (RESIMARMO Deutschland) The one and a half years of […]

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