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The RESI GROUP Group was founded in 2007 under the name DECOPIERRE Italia. Since then it has been supplying interior and exterior decorative materials and flooring products.
RESI GROUP is the leading company in the supply of flooring for workplaces, outdoor surfaces, garden paths, terraces, car parks and garages, with a tailor-made service for every type of business, from small professionals to large multinationals.
A history of almost twenty years, made up of millions of products delivered, customers served throughout Europe, challenges and stories in all the languages of business.

Our numbers : RESI GROUP is the trusted partner of companies, craftsmen, public and private organisations, small professionals or large multinationals, for everything to do with flooring, walls and working environments. Thanks to its almost twenty years of experience, RESI GROUP is much more than a supplier of materials. It is your consultant, working with you to optimise your work spaces and processes, from the purchase of basic products to the supply of resin, installation and cleaning products. Marble or quartz aggregates, installation accessories, aluminium profiles to delimit surfaces, stair nosings, patterns to be integrated into the very heart of floor surfaces RESI GROUP offers you a whole range of products to help you create your floors and turn them into real works of art. In partnership with leading tool manufacturers, RESI GROUP also offers you solutions for completing quality jobs quickly and in an organised way.

We want to help you achieve your business goals with intelligent working and installation solutions: our mission is to ensure that you have everything you need to turn opportunities into reality.
With the help of our consultants and the support of our customer service, we advise you to choose the best and get up and running straight away. Buy with confidence, even online: we are committed to offering you the best value for money, a fast and reliable delivery service throughout Europe, a wide range of products, an intuitive and secure e-commerce platform, increasing attention to sustainable ecological processes, a Call Centre that listens, always available to advise you during the purchasing phase and to support you after the sale, with the possibility of easy and rapid replacement. If you need us, we’re always there. With all the experience you’re looking for, to guarantee you more choice and better value for money. At RESI GROUP, we put our passion and experience at your service to offer you the best business solutions. Since 2007, we have been part of RESI GROUP, Europe’s leading multi-channel distributor of business supplies and equipment. We’ve been on the market for almost 20 years, in 19 European countries and with almost 200,000 customers.

Like a carpet of stone

Mr Binsinger in mougins

RESIMARMO offers you a technical, easy maintenance and durable solution for the coating of all your outdoor floors. The draining, mineral and aesthetic stone carpet is ideal for renovating without breaking the existing thanks to its low thickness. The combination of resin and natural stone, gives your floor an exceptional ease of maintenance and comfort to the touch very pleasant.
Stone carpet has several advantages:

  1. Very robust, it does not wear easily, despite shocks, car passages.
  2. High resistance to natural elements: frost, UV, water, high temperatures.
  3. Flooring solution for both exterior and interior.
  4. Durable and durable, making it an ideal choice for high traffic areas.
  5. Adapts to all supports: pool beach, driveway, renovation or creation of terraces, sliding staircase dressing… and various supports such as stone, tiles, gravel or concrete slabs.
  6. In addition, stone carpet is scratch, heat and cold resistant.

It consists of small grits of less than 5 mm, resulting from the crushing of granite, marble or quartz, linked together with a polyurethane resin that allows the carpet to withstand over time, weather, frost, UV, and foam.