News     The news, often referred to as “Blog”, is a part of a website, used for the periodic and regular publication of personal articles, usually succinct, reporting on a topic or a profession. In the manner of a diary, these News or “articles” or even “notes” are typically dated, signed and succeeded in an antechronological order, that is to say from the most recent to the oldest. The advantage of News on a website, compared to other media, is that they are, in theory, visible 24 hours a day by Internet users around the world. This is an undeniable advantage provided it is visible. Unfortunately, too many industrial SMEs have not yet understood this. “You have to live with your time if you want to live with others!” The question is not whether it makes sense to offer News on a website, but more importantly, what are the benefits that Internet users can derive from it. In the spring of 2011, there were no less than 156 million blogs, and more than one million new blog posts published each day. In 2012, there were 31 million blogs in the United States, while in the world an estimated 3 million blogs were born every month. In 2013 there were nearly 200 million blogs in the world, up by 3 million every month. However, the number of inactive blogs remains high. Rare are indeed those that display a great longevity and the overwhelming majority of them has been abandoned by […]

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