Prices   The prices The prices are freely determined by the professionals. Information on the price of a product or service is therefore of primary importance to the consumer, who must be able to choose with full knowledge of the facts and to play the competition. The price, expressed as a reference amount (usually monetary), is the translation of the compensation that an operator is willing to hand over to another in return for the transfer of a good or a service. The price measures the market value of a transaction and is one of its essential elements. Information on prices is mandatory Since 1 January 1987, all prices are free, with few exceptions, where competition is non-existent or insufficient: certain public transport, taxis, regulated gas and electricity tariffs, special cases of books, etc. Prices are subjective and are strongly influenced by the value each gives to the things, products or services they need based on their utility for a specific moment in life. The principle The prices of products or services available for sale, as well as the particular conditions of the sale and performance of services, must be legible and understandable, therefore visible, expressed in euro and including all taxes. Information on prices is compulsory regardless of the form of sale: in-store, remote (correspondence, teleshopping, internet), outside commercial premises (at home, in unusual places of sale, etc…) The trader has an obligation to inform the consumer before concluding the contract of sale: He must be able to know […]

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