How one makes

How one makes


How to apply the product ?

How can I apply the RESIMARMO® product? It is very simple, first cleaning the surface on which the product must be installed carefully. Sanding necessary so, to equalize, or remove the dust. Then, apply the RESIPRIMER product regularly, to sprinkle a little aggregates on the cool product for a good hold, then to apply a second a layer of pure product. Install the sections made of aluminum on the sides to give the good thickness, and to assure clean finishes. To Mix granulates it of marble with the RESIFIX product during about 5 minutes in a cement mixer or a Mixer.
Pour in a wheelbarrow the product RESIMARMO® and go against the different places or you must deposit it. To spread more or lesswith a trowel and a rake. Distribute more finely with the back of the rake. Use a small rule to equalize the thickness in an uniform manner.
Then to smooth with plasterer’s Yanne. There is your terrace is made! It doesn’t have anything complicated! You can make it! It will allow you to save money on the manpower. Order your terrace here.

How to put RESIMARMO® ?

The decorative aggregates of our range are the most resistant to the mechanical constraints. The reflection of each of the hues will allow you to create unique surfaces of passages for pedestrians or vehicles.
All these products are delivered washed and dried (Premium) are compatible for the manufacture of a porous resin. These mineral aggregations are the most brilliant of our range, because the granule of marble is a material that is very reflecting to light.
These products, when they are washed and are dried, are compatible for the manufacture of a porous resin.
These decorative aggregates of marble are products aggregated of our own manufacture and 100% Italian! Their shape rounded by malaxage gives them a pleasant sweetness under the feet. These aggregates are mainly marble, and are the more asked by all our customers. We also have quartzes of color to make multicolored drawings but it only represents a small part of the demand.
Here, you have a large choice of marble color to transpose your mineral space inside the house as in the garden. Wealth and the color of the tones allow you to create an original mineral space.
Follow the different phases of pose of the RESIMARMO® product attentively.

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