The RESIFIX resin is a compound binder of polyuréthane, liquid elastomer, aliphatiques, even hardening to the humidity, solvent, calm to cold weather. The product “measured out” well with aggregates of marble, produces a flexible dough that permits to achieve coatings of soils as inside as outside. There is not an ungainly joint, the surface is flexible, non-skid and permits an excellent drainage. The different hues of marble used offer the possibility to get multiple effects of color, the geometric motives, the strips or the changes of coloration in a same surface.


RESIFIX has a good cohesion and a good resistance to the compression, he lands on soils without dirty humidity or ascents of humidity.
The support must be clean and dry, it must be exempt of traces of oil, of grease, of wax, milt of cement, or of all something else that could compromise a good adhesion of the compound.
Of the temperature of the substratum must be consisted between 10ºC and 25ºC.
For the new tiles of concrete freshly streams, you should wait for at least 21 days before applying the product.