RESIMPER is ready to use and apply to cold weather. He is presented under liquid shape, but in the strong state he/it creates a membrane without joint and doesn’t fear the humidity. Elastic and “breathing”, the surfaces follow the movements of the land. Non-skid, he/it is resistant to the abrasion and to the shocks, to the inclemencies as well as to the chemicals. RESIMPER adheres to the support of the underside very well, even to different geometries or difficult of access, RESIMPER doesn’t need dilution (RESIGLIDE authorized max. 10%).
Applied with a brush or with a roller, It permits an adherent hangs specific. It is recommended for the critical zones as corners, the sky lights, the sides, the overlaps.
Not to apply on humid surfaces (trap of points of dew).


Applicable on: old bituminous girdles or slates bituminous, former acrylic coatings, slates, concretes, mortars, bricks, sandstone made of fibro-cement, shingles of wood, ceramic, oxidized asphalt, wood, steels, zincs, aluminiums, fiberglass, composite materials, etc.


  • Terraces, balconies, isolated roofs, roofings, or metallic panel, etc.
  • Kitchens, bathroom, (showers) and places difficult of access by the inside.
  • Parking lots, local techniques, flat roofs or in slope.
  • Stairs, tribunes, steps.
  • Channels and deposits of water.