RESIPROTEC is steady, transparent, he has high mechanical performances similar to a compound hardening to the humidity. The resin of polyuréthane aliphatique allows an excellent resistance the UV. It is a product of strong, supple coatings, that resists the abrasion well and to wear. He/it doesn’t fear the chemicals, the solutions diluted of acids and bases, of chlorinated water, of salt, fuel and lubricants of all sorts. He/it creates an excellent protection of surface of soils submitted to an intense wear. RESIPROTEC doesn’t whiten under the inclemencies, he doesn’t change a very color when he is exposed to the UV rays, he is therefore perfectly advisable for the outside applications. For the application he/it is recommended to have a good environment of ventilation.


  • Aires of parking to intense traffic, garages, parking of cars.
  • Excellent for the waterproofing.
  • Restoration of old domes of fiberglass, flat roofs, polycarbonate, other composite materials, etc.
  • Floors of concrete and polymeric.
  • Tightness and protection of the metallic structures, floor-coverings printed matter, micro cements, leveling maltine, mosaics, mineral gravel.
  • Produced of supple slip to quartz, the corindon, of rubber, of the dust, etc.


  • A product to unique component, easy to use.
  • No possible mistakes therefore not of lost time.
  • Stability of the colors in the time under the UV.
  • Excellent resistance to the abrasion and to wear.
  • Fast hardening and protection of the paintings.
  • Good capacity of etandage.


Transparent (the version no brilliant is available while using the” Matting Additive” (to see technical card above).


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