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Even out thickness during application

How do I apply RESIMARMO

RESIMARMO ? A little name that’s pronounced like a confidence, a blend of chic and audacity.

To apply RESIMARMO, you need to pay close attention to one essential factor: substrate preparation. Depending on its condition, this preparation can take several forms.

  • Chemical stripping.
  • Mechanical cleaning.
  • Scarification.
  • Sandblasting.
  • High-pressure.
  • Thermal.

Type of apply

The general condition of the substrate determines the marble aggregate laying technique to be used.

  • Trowel laying.
  • Smoothing distribution.
  • Leveling with a straightedge.
  • Stretching with guides.
  • Final smoothing by hand.
  • Final machine surfacing.
  • Helicopter finishing.
Stable supports
3 possibilities.
  1. Make a lean screed.
  2. Apply a reinforced concrete screed.
  3. Apply a levelling compound.

Different installation products

Useful application materials
  • Bonding primer RESIPRIMER (to promote adhesion to the substrate).
  • RESIFIX aliphatic polyurethane resin (single-component or two-component), for mixing.
  • RESIMPER sealant (waterproofing polyurethane resin).
  • RESIPROTEC protection (polyurethane resin). This is the finishing step after laying the aggregate.
  • RESITEX geotextile, used to reinforce the substrate at joints.
  • Aluminum profiles (delimit surfaces). For borders, edges and stair nosings.
Edge profiles

Tip: use RESIPROFIL anodized aluminum profiles. Profile thicknesses range from 8 to 15mm.
The more irregular the surface, the thicker the profile. Profiles are cut to the exact dimensions required for a high-quality end result. Care should also be taken when cutting 45° corners.
A hot-melt glue gun is the most suitable method for fixing the profiles. A power tool, the glue gun melts and applies hot-melt glue in stick form. A trigger advances the glue stick as it melts. This is the preferred gluing method, because once applied, the glue solidifies rapidly. Thanks to its fast-setting properties, it can correct variations in the level of the substrate to which RESIMARMO is to be applied.

Price of marble aggregate application

How do I lay my floor covering ? I’m not a handyman ! To save money, most of our customers install RESIMARMO marble aggregate themselves. Quite normal, you may say! That’s right, if you do it yourself.

Unfortunately, not everyone is a DIY enthusiast !

Some of them can’t even drive a nail (nothing to be ashamed of, they have other skills!). So how are the poor going to manage? We’ve got the solution. A simple solution, in fact. Just ask us to ask it! Or better still, help you install it! You’ll find the prices for marble aggregate installation below. There are different prices depending on the total surface to be laid. You’ll also find prices for the services we offer our customers.

APPLICATION 1172,80 € incl. tax per M²IncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
APPLICATION 2129,60 incl. tax per M²IncludedIncludedNot includedNot includedNot included
APPLICATION 3 (inf à 50 m²)93,60 € incl. tax per M²Not includedNot includedNot includedNot includedNot included
APPLICATION 4 (sup à 50 m²)79,20 € incl. tax per M²Not includedNot includedNot includedNot includedNot included

A complete package
  • Organization of delivery to your premises on pallets by carrier (transport costs extra, see page Marble aggregate transport costs).
  • Unloading at your premises in a place accessible by hydraulic elevator and pallet truck (you don’t touch anything).
  • Site preparation (excluding the cost of screeds or concrete slabs)..
  • Supply of marble aggregate in the color of your choice (from 18 basic colors).
    • Sorted – (constant grain size)
    • Rolled – (Superior quality, no sharp edges – comfortable underfoot).
    • Washed – (Aesthetic quality, dust-free, clean).
    • Dried – (Quality for good homogeneity of the resin mixture).
  • Delivery of the right resins for each work phase.
    • RESIPRIMER primer (epoxy bonding resin) for floor preparation.
    • RESIFIX resin (cohesion resin) to hold the RESIMARMO mixture in place.
    • RESIPROTEC (protective resin) for your floor covering.
  • Complete installation of RESIMARMO flooring (thickness: 1 cm).
  • Creation of pattern(s). (price of pattern(s) extra see here, page Patterns to be integrated..
  • Site clean-up after finishing.

The different work phases

Site preparation
Panneau de chantier RESIMARMO

All our sites are indicated when we install RESIMARMO flooring.
On the one hand, we comply with the law, and on the other, it lets local residents know that we’re close by. That’s why neighbors of new customers often put their trust in us too.

Surface preparation method
Ponçage - Surfaçage - Scarification
Substrate preparation is fundamental, which is why the surface to be treated must be free of all pollutants, dry, consistent and have a tensile strength of at least 1.5 MPa. In all cases, the surface must be prepared by scarification, sanding or sandblasting, depending on the type of soil. Free, stagnant water from the subsoil, from previous washing processes or from meteorological events must be removed or dried by appropriate means. Different preparation techniques can be envisaged depending on the condition of the substrate, such as :
  • Chemical erosion followed by mechanical cleaning
  • Scarification, sandblasting, high-pressure cleaning
  • Disc sanding (machine can be rented)
  • Thermal stripping
  • Etc…
The general condition of the substrate determines the most appropriate technique to use.
RESIMARMO products
Useful application materials
  • RESIPRIMER bonding primer : promotes adhesion to the substrate.
  • RESITEX geotextile fabric : solves problems associated with poor waterproofing.
  • RESIFIX one-component polyurethane resin, mixed with marble aggregate to create a RESIMARMO compound that can be applied to a rigid, solid surface.
  • RESIPROTEC protection product : a polyurethane resin, RESIPROTEC is the finishing step in heavy-duty applications.
Profile preparation
Coupe des profilés aluminium

The profiles delimit the RESIMARMO application area and serve as a reference to ensure consistent coating thickness.

  • Use anodized aluminum profiles.
  • Profile thickness can be between 8 and 15mm. The more irregular the surface, the thicker the profile should be.
  • Profiles are cut to the exact dimensions required for a high-quality end result, including the cutting of 45° corners.
Profile mounting
Pose des profilés aluminium avec une colle thermofusible
A hot-melt glue gun is the most suitable method for fixing profiles. The glue gun is a power tool for melting and applying hot-melt glue in stick form. A trigger advances the glue stick as it melts. This is the preferred gluing method, as the glue solidifies quickly once applied. The profiles can also be fastened with screws and dowels.
Application of RESIPRIMER

RESIPRIMER is an adhesion promoter with excellent bonding properties. It guarantees an ideal bonding surface for the entire range of RESIMARMO products.
It is a two-component epoxy resin, with components A and B pre-measured for ease of use. The absorption of the substrate determines the quantity of RESIPRIMER to be used. As a general rule, 250g of RESIPRIMER / m2 will be required.

We recommend applying RESIPRIMER in two coats. The first should be diluted (with water), but the second should be undiluted.

Tools required
Outils pour une personne
The application of RESIMARMO does not require specialized technical tools. However, the following equipment will be required.
  • Concrete mixer, wheelbarrow, rake
  • Aluminum ruler, paint roller, paintbrush
  • Electronic scale, trowel, smoothing trowel
  • Cotton rags, glue gun, sanding machine

Application of RESIMARMO

Étaler avec le râteau retourné et égaliser avec une règle en appui sur les profilés aluminium

Mix 100 kg of marble aggregate (4 x 25 kg bags) and 5 kg of RESIFIX in a clean concrete mixer.

  • Pouring RESIMARMO into a wheelbarrow and transport the compound to the application site.
  • Spread RESIMARMO with a rake to obtain an initial homogenized thickness.

Use an aluminum ruler to complete the spread of RESIMARMO.

Surface finish

Comment poser du granulat de marbre - Lisser en appuyant
For optimum surface finish, the surface of the covering should be smoothed using a stainless steel float with rounded ends. During this operation, it is essential to use RESIGLIDE smoothing compound. This step is fundamental to obtaining a quality result, as it enables you to :
  • Obtain a uniform, final surface.
  • Prevent the aggregate from becoming uncomfortable to use.
  • Compress the compound for greater structural strength.

RESIGLIDE smoothing product

Comment poser du granulat de marbre - Nettoyer avec RESIGLIDE
To facilitate the surface finish of RESIMARMO the stainless steel float should be regularly cleaned with RESIGLIDE. The purpose of this operation is to remove RESIFIX, which tends to accumulate on the surface of the stainless steel float. This product is used undiluted.
RESICLEAN cleaning product

For cleaning tools, use RESICLEAN which is also used to clean other tools that have been in contact with RESIFIX such as concrete mixers, wheelbarrows, aluminium rulers, etc.

Important : The RESICLEAN product can be diluted with water.

Additional information

Rives et jonctions propres
  • RESIMARMO coating is dry after 24/48h.
  • 100 Kg of 1/4mm aggregate and 5 Kg of RESIFIX cover an area of 5.5/6 m2 per cm of thickness.
  • Marble aggregate can be laid on 40 to 60 m2 /day.
  • 12 colors are available, and a total of 24 colors complete the RESIMARMO range.
  • RESITEX (liquid waterproofing membrane) can be used as a waterproofing base.

Special cases

Finitions soignées
  • Certain site conditions make it impossible to cover critical areas.
  • Skylights, perforated grilles and air vents fall into this category.
  • To remedy this situation and achieve a superb finish, we recommend the use of progressive slope profiles.

If not…

Installing RESIMARMO, marble aggregate is a personal matter for you. You install it yourself! It’s not rocket science. But you do need a few tools :

There are two key points to bear in mind during installation :

  • Respect the proportions (resins, aggregates…).
  • Compact well.

After that, it’s just a question of elbow grease…

Everything is in place to make your installation of RESIMARMO marble aggregate a success.

You can get help to lay your marble aggregate.

Don’t hesitate to lay your RESIMARMO flooring yourself. We’ll be happy to provide you with detailed documentation and video support. You can also contact us for advice on the following number :

Phone number (33)0980816844

Or by e-mail to the following address :

We wish you every success with your projects !

The RESI GROUP team.

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With RESITEX Nº 07/32305558.
Abrasion Taber : Nº 10/101.729-1626

QUALICONSULT : Technical Clauses Book CCT nº 50 712 004 096.
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