(Updated November 1,2017)


DECOPIERRE® Italia was founded in 2007 on the initiative of Mickael and Romualdo Bertolaso, seasoned professionals in stone mural decoration based on marble dust agglomerated with lime. They offered a wide range of patterns and colours to create wall coverings both indoors and outdoors. They created DECOPIERRE® wall coverings in Italy.

A skills assessment - First exposure

First exposure.

The demands of the market prompted the Bertolaso brothers to study innovative solutions and led them to develop new products, RESIMARMO® floor coverings. The aim was to meet a growing demand from their customers for decorative solutions adapted to horizontal surfaces (areas of rest, relaxation, swimming pools, solariums, terraces, car parks etc…) in the same materials or colours proposed in their DECOPIERRE® wall cladding.

A skills assessment - Another exhibition

Another exhibition.

They registered the brand name RESIMARMO® and offered their new products throughout Italy. RESIMARMO® Italia was created in 2009 on the initiative of Mickael Bertolaso, now alone in Italy, his brother Romualdo having joined France to prepare the setting up of the structures and staff of the future French subsidiary RESIMARMO® France.

Following a constant development logic, they created a network of partners bringing together the best Italian and French companies in the sector, offering them training and technical assistance in architectural decoration. The company guarantees an equivalent skills assessment for all its employees. By 2017, more than 250 applicators had taken part in the training course offered by RESIMARMO® Italia in all the Italian and French sectors. 

A skills assessment - Practical training

Practical training.

These training courses were useful and even indispensable to train the teams of applicators in their techniques for laying RESIMARMO® product. Whether for the vertical walls (with marble dust) or the marble granulate flooring, they wanted to promote this beautiful and precious stone. The marble aggregates mixed with resin, of varying grain sizes and colours, proved to be an innovative product linked to the latest technologies. Quality resin gives a quality floor covering. The precise grammage of the resin in the mixture makes for an efficient coating. They mastered all these techniques and taught them to their collaborators and partners, distributors or applicators.

A skills assessment - Training-room.

Training room.

First, a “Skills Assessment”

The skills assessment is an opportunity to take stock of a candidate’s professional life and analyse his/her skills, aptitudes and motivations. It helps to define a coherent project or validate the training project.
The skills assessment is carried out at RESIMARMO® Italia‘s premises, which guarantees total confidentiality.
The maximum duration of a competency assessment is 24 hours and consists of 3 stages:
First, an individual interview to define the needs and present the conditions of the training course.
Then there is an investigation phase to analyse the candidate’s skills and interests.
Finally, a conclusion with the submission of a summary document, which sets out the project and defines the steps envisaged for its implementation.
The actions are carried out on an individual basis, except in exceptional cases, and the applicant is the sole recipient of the conclusions of the skills assessment. Following this assessment, the actual training can begin. The candidate joins a group in order to follow the courses given. Customers are thus assured of a quality service provided by a “professional” floor covering, trained in RESIMARMO® laying techniques.



A skills assessment - Logo RESIMARMO