will recruit 75 people


The “BtoB” sales department of RESIMARMO® Italia was for too long the poor relation of the company. 17 salesmen for all of Italy were really not sustainable anymore. The choice to sell from the outset by e-commerce is partly responsible for this situation. But a decision comes to an end. RESIMARMO® Italia wants to have a sales force, in charge of prospecting new customers and establishing privileged commercial relationships with existing customers.

We found that customers, having placed their trust in us for the first time, did not systematically renew this trust in a second purchase or project.

This situation was experienced badly by RESIMARMO® employees, who feel very involved in the company’s success. This was the subject of several letters opened to the management at the end of July 2017, and in the Professional News of the same period. Management noted this and, after much discussion, reacted quickly. 

To study this new provision, sales managers were called back from vacation to attend a one-day seminar where they were introduced to this new provision. After explaining the project to everyone and finding that most of them agreed, management decided to push the project further.


New customers - Job offer at RESIMARMO

Job offer at RESIMARMO.


Result: On September 1,2017,75 people, 70 carefully selected salespeople and 5 sales secretaries, will begin to make their mark in the ranks of RESIMARMO® Italia’s sales force to focus on existing customers and start prospecting in BtoB to find new customers. 



By registering as a subscriber you will have access to Professional News. These are small articles, memos, or information about RESIMARMO® and its network of distributors.




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New customers - Logo-RESIMARMO


The wealth of Italy

Dear readers, you will regularly find in the Professional News area, not only articles about Italy but also teachings about Italian marble. Our ambition is to make rediscover to the countries of Europe, the great Italian marbles as they have been for millennia, these magnificent marbles which are the true richness of Italy !


Arch of the Roman Emperor Titus in Rome

Arch of the Roman Emperor Titus in Rome.


If we are fortunate enough in our time to admire magnificent ruins that bear witness to ancient times, it is thanks to this beautiful stone that has surmounted the weight of years. If we can admire wonders like: 

  • the bow of Titus, and those beautiful messages from the past,
  • the column of Trajan which dominates Rome from the top of its 40 meters, 
  • the Colosseum and many other magnificent architectural works,

we owe it to its exceptional durability over time. This is surprising for a stone that seems a priori fragile. But it would be unfamiliar with Italian marble to keep this impression. Very early in history, the wealth of Italy was discovered by the Romans. This stone is hard and lasts over time. It has saved millions of messages that come directly from our past, ancient Rome.


The column of Trajan

The column of Trajan.


This Rome which continues to live in Europe with Catholicism. This ancestral Rome that survived in Greece, Turkey and Russia with the Orthodox Church, up to the United States and England with the Anglican Church. This makes them people in the world, who think that they worship God in the true religion. They do not realize that in fact, without knowing it, they worship pagan gods.


The coliseum in Rome

The coliseum in Rome.


These gods were offered to them on a plateau, by all these churches, which are but the prolongation of the two ancient imperial Roman capitals of Constantinople and of the West. These two capitals, which were the religious centers of these two empires. They worshiped the same false homologous gods of ancient pagan Greece. Read the story of the great Roman Emperor Constantine and you will understand why, and how the liturgy was absorbed by politics, leaving little room for the worship of God. This emperor used religion only to strengthen his dominion of Pontifex Maximus. Only images, rites and festivals remain, or morals are more and more unbridled.

But I am not here to talk to you about liturgy, I want to talk about Italy, my land, my roots, my mountains and the marble hidden there by a billion tons, the true wealth of Italy. This stone that we would like to be rare, so beautiful, this stone with hundreds of colours, tens of textures, thousands of uses, at the service of people all over the world, this stone which is the richness of Italy. This stone requires only one thing, to be rediscovered ! This is the challenge RESIMARMO® has set itself, to make the earth reappear:

  • Italian marble blocks,
  • Italian marble pebbles,
  • Italian marble aggregates,
  • Italian marble aggregates,
  • Italian marble dust

And for each of these noble forms, show what can be done beautiful and beautiful to look at.

In the whole world you will not find any other country with the characteristic of Italy. It’s the only country that looks like something human. Yes,”the boot”! A boot is used to walk, it protects you from the cold and rain, it is strong if you have iron nails placed on it, it can be used as a pocket, a hideout, boots are useful for everything.

And Italy looks like a boot, isn’t our country beautiful? The “Boot of the World”is Italy! It’s the only country that looks like something human! And the precious, the richness of Italy is its marble!

So, ahead Italian! Put marble at home, show the world the richness of Italy.


The wealth of Italy - Italy has many large cities in all regions, from Venice to Palermo. Destinations of choice for a trip to Italy all over the country

Italy has many large cities in all regions, from Venice to Palermo. Destinations of choice for a trip to Italy all over the country.


Show the world that Italy remembers its past and wants to become the world’s leading economic power again. The first reference for luxury in our homes. Our reputation in fashion is clearly established (in pasta and pizza too, you will tell me), now let’s put our houses, our villas in tune, let’s set an example to the other nations of Europe, let’s show them that the Italian house, the smallest cell of our society is charming and tasteful.

    • Use marble whenever possible. Start with the “marble aggregate” on your terraces, this great richness of Italy. Take a look at the few houses presented in the Gallery page and say months if you don’t find that marble gives your home the charm and luxury of a beautiful Roman property ?
    • Choose your colors, order on the site, your supplies. Make your own real “marble carpet”!
    • Calculate your surface area, fill out the quote form here and order your RESIMARMO® ! floor covering.
    • The resin will be calculated according to the quantity of marble aggregates. Then wait for your delivery !
    • You will find on the Working steps page how to install RESIMARMO® !
  • You will find it as easy to lay as you would to do the garden!
  • Remember to clean your spreading and smoothing tools regularly, that’s the secret!
  • Then, wait 48 hours to reach the maximum hardness of agglomerated marble and…

Your terrace will be ready to spend the next 2000 years, treaded on your feet by your children, your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren, serve yourself in the richness of Italy! Then it’ll be too late, we won’t be able to see him.

See you soon my dear readers !




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Prices in the world

Prices in the world.


RESIMARMO® Product Prices


Prices of marble aggregates

The marble aggregates, a noble product and design


Resin prices

The marble aggregates form a top-of-the-range covering composed of 100% marble gravel. Non-slip, draining or waterproof. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors.


The marble aggregates - Marble aggregates and profiles

Marble aggregates and profiles.

For a long time now carpeting has no longer been applied to the floor, PVC floors and floors have gone out of fashion as well, and the coolness of the tiles has discouraged more than one.
The marble aggregates are a good alternative: it is a noble, unique, innovative and beautiful product.


The marble aggregates - Swimming pool M. Selva

Swimming pool M. Selva.



The marble aggregates: This year, I’m building my house! But so much work!  First the terrace! The swimming pool is very beautiful but it will have to be highlighted because the floor is completely out of use…

Today, when you settle down, either, you choose a “turnkey” property: you put your luggage down and you are quiet, no work!
Either one invests in a property that is less expensive but in which there will be more work to be done. In this case, the possibilities of having a house or apartment that looks like us will be more important.
In our time, more and more French people are placing great importance on feeling at home and making their homes a place that looks like them:

  • wall colour,
  • choice of furniture,
  • layout…

But also the floor covering.

  • Carpet,
  • floor,
  • PVC,
  • Tiles…

A large panel !
What to choose when you want a design floor that is out of the ordinary ?
Unlike tiles, marble aggregates form a non-slip, draining surface for added safety. No more puddles on the terrace and no more children’s falls or unexpected slips. It is in perfect safety that one can evolve on a marble granulate floor.
Its little plus is that it doesn’t fade over time.

So, the sun can heat up as long as it wants, your floor will always remain marble !








A “slideshow” gallery

for our visitors


As its name suggests, this gallery reproduces the concept of the slideshow: the visuals are displayed on the screen and are driven out one after the other in turn in an automatic predefined order. The slideshow gallery have become so popular that they are now an integral part of the Net 2.0 landscape.

The main advantage of using these gallery is their dynamism. The transitions between the visuals create a movement that captivates the eye and arouses the interest of visitors. No one gets bored on our sites !

So we have created this photo gallery for you.

Therefore, you have full control over the photos that scroll through this slideshow gallery.

The speed of presentation of the different photos has been set to 4000 milliseconds, which is an average speed for a slideshow gallery like the one we programmed for you.

You can stop scrolling whenever you want, by hovering with your mouse over the picture that caught your attention.

If you want to see a picture that has already been presented, place yourself on the last one displayed, the slideshow gallery will stop and you will see rafters (<) and (>) on each side of the picture.

The one on the left (<) will allow you to step back in the slideshow gallery while the one on the right (>) will allow you to move forward in the presentation of the photos.



Creating a photo gallery on a website is relatively simple, but to achieve the objective of demonstrating the product on display with photos requires sensitivity and pragmatism.



We have tried to show you pictures of various but representative realizations of the different possible uses of an innovative and modern floor covering like RESIMARMO®.

  • Terraces
  • Swimming pool beaches in different shapes
  • Solariums by the pool or not
  • House or property entrances
  • Patterns embedded in the coating.
  • Lighting also embedded in the terrace
  • Several types of stairs
  • Symmetrical or non-symmetrical decorations
  • Straight or rounded edges
  • Mixed colours
  • Light or darker colours
  • Finally, in general, there are lots of possibilities that will make your floors unique.

We will make this slideshow lively, by regularly integrating new photos of realizations coming from our customers and which we will appear to bring new ideas or particularly original realizations. Upcoming photos are already in the laboratory to undergo the transformations necessary for a presentation on the web. Believe me, there are some nice surprises waiting for you. Come back soon!

You can reach us at the following e-mail addresses:


Or by phone at the following number:


The gallery - Phone number



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The gallery - Logo-RESIMARMO








The phases of work



The phases of work - Pose of RESIMARMO on the pavement of an Italian house

Pose of RESIMARMO on the pavement of an Italian house.

More and more often, customers express the desire to do it themselves, their project of outdoor terraces. Apart from the satisfaction of doing on his own, his work, the need to save his money pushes most customers to pose alone, their marble gravels. In fact, the installation is about 30% of the overall sum of the project.

These “precious euros”, we propose you to use them for other things, making your own pose, and we have provided many aids for this realization.

A basic training for the installation of your RESIMARMO® soil accompanies each of you during the duration of its project. It explains to customers, even without special skills, how to install its marble gravels.

To help you succeed, one documentation and of the advices are ready to accompany you throughout the laying of your marble gravel.

  • Immediately after the signature of the order and the payment of the first installment, a complete technical documentation is sent to you automatically.
  • Several videos can be downloaded from our websites to help you prepare your project.
  • You also have a “Technical Hotline” by e-mail or you can ask all your questions. This “Hotline” can also answer by phone for an urgent need if necessary. 

Our primary concern is your satisfaction in the realization of your project. Like many of our customers, you will be satisfied with our installation assistance services.


Trust us and to you trust

(we will always be there by your side, during

the duration of your RESIMARMO® floor covering installation.)


The phases of work - Paragraph separators-(blue)


Follow the different phases of work below…

The phases of work - Methods of preparing surfacesThe phases of work - Produced resimarmoThe phases of work - Stairs terracesThe phases of work - Application resimarmoThe phases of work - Complementary informationsThe phases of work - Trottoirs et escalier

These are the phases of work RESIMARMO®. You have seen that it is quite possible to do it yourself ! It takes just a little care and a little patience in the different phases of laying.

The substrate must be cohesive and free from dust. It must also be stable and must not “work” after the installation of RESIMARMO®. It is imperative to saturate it with a primer (the anhydride screeds are for example very absorbent). Otherwise, the resin may be absorbed by the support and therefore not be available to bond the marble aggregates. Smooth substrates such as tiles (yes, it is possible) or floor resins (also possible) must be sanded beforehand. Check that all the tiles are still adhering by striking them with a metallic object. Wooden floors (yes, it is still possible) must be perfectly stabilized. The substrate must be sound, dry and free from any moisture. The decking floors must be waterproofed. Outside the profiles must be fixed so as to allow the water to pass from below. If the support does not have a slope or counter-slope it must be drilled to remove the water retention.

In a bathroom a liquid screed must be applied to protect the support from possible water damage. In addition, the marble aggregate perfectly matches the reliefs: it is the ideal floor covering for your renovation of floors.


What do you think ?

Do you feel able to do the laying of your flooring yourself ?

If you answer yes, then you will save your money.

You will have for much cheaper, a sublime flooring!


Go here to order your RESIMARMO® exterior flooring.




The phases of work - Logo-RESIMARMO

The techniques



The techniques - Pose of RESIMARMO on the pavement of an Italian house

Pose of RESIMARMO on the pavement of an Italian house.


The techniques RESIMARMO

The techniques of preparation of the support:

Different techniques for preparing the support can be envisaged according to its state, such as for example:

  • Chemical stripping,
  • Mechanical cleaning,
  • Scarification,
  • Sandblasting,
  • High pressure cleaning,
  • Thermal stripping.

The techniques of poses

The general condition of the substrate determines the most suitable techniques to use.

  • Troweling,
  • Fixing to the trowel,
  • Pose to the rule,
  • Installation with guides,
  • Final finishing by hand,
  • Final machine finishing,
  • Final surfacing with the electric helicopter,


The techniques for stable supports

How do we do it ? How to apply the right techniques ?

  1. Make a lean or
  2. Make a reinforced concrete screed.
  3. Make a patch,

Different RESIMARMO® products are used.


The techniques - All useful material for a team of three workers

All useful material for a team of three workers.

RESIPRIMER (adhesion primer, it allows to favor adhesion to the support).

RESIFIX (single component polyurethane resin, mixed with marble aggregate, creates the RESIMARMO® compound which can be applied to a rigid and solid surface).
RESIMPER (solves problems related to poor sealing).
RESIPROTEC (polyurethane resin, it constitutes the finishing step in the case of use with an intense passage).
RESITEX is a geotextile used to reinforce the soil on which RESIMARMO® is applied
The profiles define the area of ​​application of RESIMARMO® and serve as a reference in order to guarantee a constant coating thickness. It is advisable to use anodised aluminum profiles. The thickness of the profiles can be between 8 and 15 mm.
The greater the surface irregularity, the thicker the profile. They will be cut to the exact measurement to obtain a high quality end result, which also includes the cutting of the angles at 45 °. So much for the curbing techniques.

To fix the profiles, a hot glue gun is the most suitable method. The glue gun is an electric tool used to melt and apply hot-melt glue into sticks. A trigger advances the glue stick as it melts. This method of sizing is to be preferred because once applied, the adhesive solidifies quickly. Thanks to its fast setting, it allows to correct the variations in the level of the support, on which RESIMARMO® will be applied.

You will see more precisely the different phases of work for the installation of the RESIMARMO® product here.

Do not hesitate to try the adventure yourself, you will be accompanied throughout your production, by a paper documentation and explanatory and explicit videos. In addition you can always contact us urgently for advice at the following number:



Phone number



Or by e-mail at the following address:


Good achievement and success of your project. Accompanied by our services, we wish you every success!

The whole team of RESIMARMO® UK.




LOGO-RESIMARMO des couleurs

Events / fairs



The exhibition fairs

The exhibition fairs.


10 Tips for Successful fairs

1 – We always try to pass on our passion, our knowledge to customers. Someone who knows how to sell is a passionate person. Moreover, it is courteous, attentive and gives its customers an exceptional service.

2 – We are pleased to inform and talk about the products we sell. We could bring back customers thanks to our kindness and availability. We want to make this maxim “Customer of a day, customer forever”!

3 – We all need to fill in an address book! The customer who just comes to have information or to speak with us, can be a customer of tomorrow. We do not neglect anyone on our stand!

4 – Before the fair you have to make preparations. Make a list, a silly thought to not forget anything while preparing our stand. A day is never expected as expected, always anticipate!

5 – It is important to have slept well, it avoids bad looks, stress, fatigue. Because it is necessary to remain organized and conscientious throughout the fair or the fair to not miss sales!

6 – Do not forget to obtain all official documents and have them on us on D-Day: insurance certificate, KBIS extract, certificates of our products / labels etc. It may take several weeks to get them. Never go at the last minute!

7 – Even if we start to have a good experience, we remain informed, we draw inspiration from the other salons and our colleagues. Therefore we discuss in particular with the “elders”, those who know and are used to make fairs and exhibitions from year to year.

8 – To be creative on its stand, to attract the eye while remaining professional – it is imperative to stand out from the competition. Also thanks to an attractive stand or an unusual animation, we remain in the heads of customers.

9 – There are days when everything works and others do not. When this happens we look for our mistake and try to find another strategy to better attract customers and therefore sell better!

10 – Good communication makes us known to all. Do not forget to prepare business cards, flyers or update our profile on social networks. They are increasingly present in today’s world.

Strong of all that, in 2017 we were on the international fair of NICE.

Date: Saturday, March 4 to Monday, March 13, 2017
Opening hours: from 10 am to 7 pm

The fairs – Nearly 500 exhibitors in all sectors that concern everyday life: home furnishing, kitchen, furniture, appliances, utensils, decoration, fashion, beauty, textiles, household products, artists. There were also many traditional food stalls and restaurants.

In order not to miss this international event, we have offered many free tickets:

FOIRE DE NICE – Palais des Expositions
Esplanade Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny – 06359 NICE cedex 4
Fax : 04 93 56 49 77 – E-mail :
Conception & Droits : NICEXPO

(FAIR OF NICE – Exhibition Center)
(Esplanade Marshal of de Lattre of Tassigny – 06359 NICE cedex 4)
(Fax: 04 93 56 49 77 – E-mail:

(Design & Rights: NICEXPO)


Pratical information for 2017…

Date: Saturday, March 4 to Monday, March 13, 2017
Opening hours: from 10 am to 7 pm
Regular price: 5 €
Internet Rates: € 4
Reduced Person Rate: 4 € (On presentation of the DISABILITY CARD)
(FREE for the accompanying person in case of wheelchair access)
Student rate: 4 €

Wednesday, March 8, Family Day !
Unique price for all: 4 € and FREE for all women !

Free for children under 12 accompanied by their parents.

Access to the Palais des Expositions and Palais Acropolis – PROHIBITED TO DOGS


How to come to the Nice Fair ?


Plane: Nice Côte d’Azur Airport
Motorway: Exit 55 (Nice-Est) and follow FOIRE DE NICE to the “Palais des Expositions”.
(GPS coordinates: 43.708181, 7.282626).

Train: Gare RIQUIER (arrival Nice Riquier).

Tramway: Palais des Expositions and Acropolis stop.
Come by Tramway we offer you the return ticket !
(Upon delivery to the Fair of your ticket “solo” used to go).

Bus: 4 – 6 – 16 – 17 – 89 – T37.



Logo of color


Distributors in Italy during a day relaxing by the sea

Distributors in Italy during a day relaxing by the sea.




Today, it is easy to communicate on the Internet in writing thanks to instant messaging like MSN but also by telephone thanks to websites like Skype.

The RESIMARMO® network of distributors is a network that brings together numerous partners and applicators scattered throughout the regions of Italy, France and other countries of the European Community. To meet the aspirations of our customers, we created this network of distributors. We must respect our commitments and provide specific technical advice in order to offer targeted advice to the various projects. We must also define the needs of our clients before they are formulated. Moreover, our advice must be appropriate to the needs identified. Distributors have a virtual showroom that we have put online specifically for them on the Internet. It is much easier for everyone to see and talk than to try to meet each other physically.

Being present and communicating on the internet has become a must, even for small businesses. The first reflex of the vast majority of people is to search for information on the Internet instead of the traditional directory of Yellow Pages.

As proof, Solocal Group, the parent company of Yellow Pages, committed itself to a program called Digital 2015 in early 2013, the aim of which was to make it the European leader in local communication on the Internet by 2015, with 75% of its turnover generated by digital activities to the detriment of paper directories. It’s done in 2017.

We were also aware early on of the importance of being present on the Net. We were right to make this decision quickly, to date it is more than 70% of our activities that are impacted by the Web. We plan to further increase this form of communication and marketing.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor or applicator or only to find out which one is closest to you, you can contact us at:


Phone number

Or by e-mail to the following addresses: 

Quality Charter Commitment



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The applicators - 250 applicators to one party provided by the Directorate of RESIMARMO

250 applicators to one party provided by the Directorate of RESIMARMO.


The applicators


RESIMARMO® Coating and applicators

The applicators lay the RESIMARMO® coating, and make wonders of decorations. Always demonstrating inspiration and creativity, applicators are our “spearhead” in the diffusion of RESIMARMO®. We rely heavily on their know-how because they implement our coating, a real marble carpet. The applicators make a good living and feel good about the structure of the RESIMARMO® network.

These are all “bosses”! It is our desire to work with SMEs and sometimes even VSMEs, each must feel free in his own structure. We believe that everyone should feel happy to work for their own account. We will provide the construction sites, you will bring us your know-how. Regular activity but without overloading you will not be worried about your future. You can, if you wish, evolve into a Reseller status. But it is you who will have to be a plaintiff, never any pressure is put on our friends the Applicators.

Challenges are put in place regularly and make it possible to federate the ardor of all. Prices are at stake depending on the results obtained. The galvanization of each member achieves the objectives set quarterly. They also serve to strengthen the ties between each member of the team. The good coordination of the members makes the success not only of the objectives but also the improvement of the living conditions together. Each one blossoms fully in this calm and serene atmosphere.

If you too are interested in becoming a RESIMARMO® applicator you can contact us at :


The applicators - Phone number




Or by e-mail to the following addresses :

Quality Charter Commitment



URGENT APPEAL: we need applicators to cover different sectors available in United Kingdom. If you are interested, join us. Fill out the form below and become our exclusive partner in your area.


Please be kind ! RESIMARMO United Kingdom is a peaceful and happy place.
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The applicators - Logo-RESIMARMO


Site map


The site map - sitemap

Sitemap of a website.


The site map is a representation of the architecture of a site that lists the proposed resources, usually in hierarchical form. It is most often a web page that allows the user to quickly access all the documents offered on the site. With large sites, it’s easy to get lost and not easily find what you’re looking for, so a page devoted to the representation of the site’s tree is a page that will always be useful some day Internet users.

The spirit in which is made the page site map below again aims, to give you the best service possible. Whether through the actions we take for you or the products we sell to you, we also want to facilitate access to the information you are looking for. To do this, we do our utmost to ensure that you can be informed as accurately as possible in the best possible conditions.

Different site map

There are also two other types of site map. From a “computer” point of view, the one in HTML and that in XML. These two abbreviations refer to computer languages ​​of the web. An HTML sitmap is a single page written in HTML that contains “links” to all the pages of the site on which it is located. Usually, this web page is accessible via a link located at the foot of the page of the site, and displayed on all the pages of the latter. While site map in XML play a very important role in helping search engines (such as Google, Yahoo or Bing) to “dissect” the different pages of different sites around the world. The goal is to find out where the information a user is looking for.

A panel of websites is then proposed in order to give the Internet user all the time to find his information. You will never realize the work done by these two pages that are also on this site, but know that our site is regularly visited by robots in the service of these giants of the information and this for your security and in your interest. Enjoy your visit to our RESIMARMO® site !



                                     History of marble

                                     Site map

                                     Legal dispositions

                                               Legal Notice

                                               Terms of Sales
                                               Terms of Service


                                      Who are we ?

                                      Where are we ?

                                      Company headquarters
                                      Events / Fairs


                                      Marble aggregates




                                      Phases of works




                                      Simple products

                                                Marble granulates


                                      Applied Products


                                      My account


                                      Contact Visitors

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                            News subscribers

                                        Professional news




Company headquarters



The offices - Milan - The magic of Italy

Milan – The magic of Italy.

RESIMARMO®, luxury and simplicity

Originally specialized in stone wall coverings, RESIMARMO Italia, headquartered in Milan, has offices in Nice, Luxembourg, Brussels, Berne, Munich, Lisbon, London and Barcelona since 2007, the scope of its activities. This repositioning made it possible to expand the clientele. Originally exclusively Italian, today it is 80% European and 5% North American, says Dominique Domagala, marketing director of RESIMARMO France. […] For a few years, the platform has wanted to conquer another segment of customers. The one of distributors and resellers.

“They represent 30 to 40% of our sales, and we will try to increase this figure by putting more emphasis on establishments adapted to field work on a large scale because they have a strong sales force. ]”

To accompany these changes, the RESIMARMO® portal benefits from constant improvements.

“Until then, the sites were the same for all countries, only the language changed,” Dominique Domagala explains, “now the offers put forward will be tailored to each area and we have also improved the search engine. ]”

The offices of the parent company RESIMARMO® are located in Italy. It manages all countries of the European community, networks of distributors, applicators and communication events. It also assumes responsibility for the Group’s various subsidiaries. In each country, managers are appointed to more closely manage the different projects of the clients according to their needs.

For a better management of the business we ask our kind customer to communicate with us by e-mail. This allows for closer tracking of each project without fear of being forgotten. You can contact us via the contact forms of the sites or by e-mail at the following address:



Phone reception

The offices - Phone number



Group bertolaso (Italy)


The offices - Group Bertolaso

Group Bertolaso.

bertolaso S.p.A


The offices - Locals group bertolaso

Locals group bertolaso.

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Decopierre Italia

(The offices are not opened to the public)

Viale Cassiodoro, 3

20145 MILANO (MI)

P.I / C.F: 05696120962

R.E.A: MI-1841120


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(The offices are not opened to the public)

Via dell’Artigianato, 15

23875 Osnago Lecco, Italia


The offices - Storage of marble aggregates

Storage of marble aggregates.

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(The offices are not opened to the public)

27, Rue Saint Philippe

“Palais de Madrid”

06000 NICE


The offices - Nice of day

Nice of day.

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