FERCAM Transportation

FERCAM Transportation.


Our transporters

The transportation of something is the movement of objects, goods, or people (human or animal) from one place to another. The modes of transport include aviation, rail, road and maritime transport. The mode also depends on the type of vehicle or infrastructure used. Means of transportation may include the automobile, motorcycle, bus, metro, subway, tram, train, truck, helicopter, or airplane, etc.


FERCAM is also air and ocean

FERCAM is also air and ocean.


In order to provide its customers with a permanent quality service, RESIMARMO® negotiates partnership agreements with major companies, leaders in their fields. These companies, renowned for their skills and seriousness, bring us their expertise in sectors that we have not necessarily been aware of. The international transports “FERCAM Austria” follow this logic.

Our main objective is to provide our clients with the most advanced services. Through five specialized divisions and partnerships of excellence, FERCAM offers a rare combination of skills and reference solutions in the sector, acting as a single multi-specialized interlocutor.


FERCAM international transports - a quality service

FERCAM international transports – a quality service.


FERCAM‘s strengths such as operational excellence, state-of-the-art IT solutions and employees with specialized skills translate directly into competitive advantage for our customers. The transport is carried out in good conditions, deadlines are respected and the customer is satisfied. A simplified, low-complex internal organisation, operating through standardised, agile processes and supported by state-of-the-art information technology, provides the framework for a highly demanding interdisciplinary and multicultural professional environment that is capable of attracting and developing talent and rewarding autonomy, merit and commitment from all.


FERCAM international transports - a quality service

FERCAM international transports – a quality service.


As everyone can see, the level of consumer demand has risen sharply in recent years and we at RESIMARMO® believe that this is a good thing. Availability of products, short (and respected) deadlines, value-added services must now be part of the companies’ customer promise or risk serious commercial disillusionment. These expectations have now greatly expanded.


FERCAM in figures

FERCAM in figures.


Having acquired such habits in their consumer lives, professionals can no longer consider not benefiting from an equivalent level of service quality in their daily activities. This strong change in the level of requirements naturally has a strong impact on the supply chain and transport, its last link. A link without a net for which the slightest failure is noted “cash” and can therefore have devastating effects on the image of the company and its activity. Based on these findings and wishing to never leave anything to chance, RESIMARMO® decided to work in collaboration with FERCAM and entrust its transport service to it.


If by any chance you come across a FERCAM truck


one day on your way, think of us, RESIMARMO®,


because we are “partners” with these people !




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The transport - Logo-RESIMARMO


Agreements with our French and European Business Partners

Agreements with our French and European Business Partners.


Our business partners


The RESIMARMO® market in France.

Our European partners: France’s trade remains very European, even home-grown! Thus, it carries out almost half of the trade flows with European countries, which are mainly bordering. In the third quarter of 2017, the dynamism of exports to the European Union was confirmed (+2.2%, after +1.8%), particularly to Germany, Italy and the new Member States. RESIMARMO® achieves similar results in percentage terms. The “Brexit” was not without consequences for the group. The Italian management has decided to freeze the new sites in the United Kingdom until the English economic conditions for trade are better defined.

Our top 10 partners


The European market with our main trading partners

The European market with our main trading partners.


The top 10 partners, which represent two-thirds of our trade, remain mainly European and developed but now include two major emerging countries, China and Russia.

  • 7 of RESIMARMO®‘s 10 main trading partners are European, reflecting the region’s still dominant position in our exports, which account for nearly two-thirds of our exports.
  • 6 of these countries belong to the European Union,
  • 5 to the euro area
  • and all of them are the immediate neighbours of France and Italy.
  • The United States currently occupies only 6th place.
  • In total, 8 of our top 10 partners are advanced economies.

This is due to a number of factors. One of them is the empirically observed link in international trade between trade intensity on the one hand and geographical proximity and size of economies on the other hand (so-called “gravity” phenomenon).


European Union

European Union.


In addition, for the EU and members of the European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA) such as Switzerland, there is the existence of a “customs union” and, in the case of the euro area, a monetary union, which is likely to promote the development of trade.

The weight of Germany

Franco-German trade largely distances itself from the other 9 bilateral flows, with almost 17% of our exports, which is more than double the weight of the countries following Germany in the ranking.

Belgium and Italy

Trade with Belgium and Italy remains important, between 7% and 8% – almost 4 times higher than that of the 10th partner. But for Belgium it is export, while for Italy it is import. Indeed, the great majority of our products are made in Italy.

China, Spain, and the United States

China, Spain, the United States and the United Kingdom have a relatively close weight, between 5.5% and 6.5%.

Europe in general


Map of Europe

Map of Europe.


The European Union as a whole remains our main trading partner, representing nearly 75% of our exports.

Executive Summary

Let us summarise this from a macroeconomic point of view, in Europe the fall in the costs of our businesses and the increase in productivity have positive effects in terms of household and business incomes on the one hand and in terms of selling prices on the other. There is therefore an increase in both internal and external demand due to greater price competitiveness vis-à-vis the rest of the world. Consequently, the response to this rising demand is an increase in production: there is therefore economic growth that favours the improvement of the well-being of the population (increase in income, employment, etc.).

Secondly, the European Commission has always maintained that the organisation of “free competition” and “undistorted” is an exclusively European prerogative and that states cannot set their own competition rules. Three sets of arguments justify this.

  • A common competition policy is first of all necessary in order to prevent the member countries from waging economic war on each other through official or disguised subsidies that would benefit certain domestic producers. This would be very costly for the States’ budget, and ultimately inefficient, since all States would be obliged to provide at least the same amount of subsidy as the neighbouring country to enable its domestic producers to survive. To avoid this, the European Commission has special powers: it sanctions the payment of undue government aid. It also specifies the exceptional conditions under which support for firms in difficulty may be acceptable. For example, the European Commission has accepted that the French State should pay aid of almost FRF 4 billion to Crédit Lyonnais in 1997, on the express condition that the bank reduce the number of branches by 20% and sell all its European subsidiaries. The aid was to be used only to save this heavily indebted bank and Crédit Lyonnais could not therefore use the subsidy to develop, quite the contrary.


Council of Europe

Council of Europe.


  • Similarly, it is important to avoid the creation of giant companies with exorbitant market power by exploiting the economies of scale allowed by the single market. The creation of such monopolies calls into question the very existence of consumer-friendly competition. A monopoly firm has a “market power” that allows it to offer lower quality goods and services, or to charge higher prices than in a situation of perfect competition. To avoid this, the European Union, through the Commission, controls mergers and acquisitions between companies, for example by authorising their merger subject to conditions (Air France and KLM have had to reduce their flight offers for certain routes) and prohibits cartels or cartels by producers. Abuses of dominance are also combated. For example, the Commission heavily condemned Microsoft for using its leading position on operating systems (with XP, Vista or Seven) to impose associated software such as Mediaplayer or Windows Messenger.


The European Council

The European Council.


  • Similarly, norms (of all kinds) are increasingly being decided at European level: these rules or designations are a means of standardizing the production standards of goods and services produced in Europe. Consumers therefore know that the products they buy in the EU are equivalent. Thus, in the food sector, there are virtually no national standards: for example, the designation “chocolate”, previously regulated differently in France than in other EU countries, now depends on European law. A whole set of European regulations has therefore been developed that frame the national regulations and impose themselves on them.


European flags

European flags.


All these measures and agreements between trading partners in Europe aim to balance the Eurozone and allow a strong growth of companies such as RESIMARMO® and other firms, small and medium-sized enterprises, SMEs, Medium-sized and large European companies.




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Swimming pool decks with motives

Swimming pool decks with motives.

Today, individual homeowners spend more time outdoors and invest more easily in the recreational areas around their homes. Finding ideas to customize their decor is therefore a priority. The terraces, relaxing areas and swimming pool beaches give them the opportunity to let their imagination run wild. This is a great way to give their outdoor spaces a special style.

In search of an ever more subtle design, the use of a touch of colour in the background is often enough to create a terrace that will stand out from that of its neighbour. With a little more audacity and originality, imagine what a custom flooring pattern can give to the inlaid flooring on the pool deck or terrace of your house.

When space permits, the integrated motives can make your terrace as attractive and stylish as the rest of your home. Customizable as you wish, the inlays are an excellent way to add this little extra something to your terrace that will make it unique.

Think about it, you may have a coat of arms, an acronym or even just initials that characterize your family and you may want to make it a ground motif that will personalize your home. A distinctive touch that belongs only to you.

Motives are not only a decorative element that personalizes your space. They also have a functional role. Indeed, they can advantageously divide large spaces and add visual interest to a large terrace. Modern designers even recommend them for these large, often monotonous spaces.


A motive in the marble aggregate floor covering

A motive in the marble aggregate floor covering.

The motives inlaid in a terrace are often personalized creations because the possibilities are unlimited. If the possibilities are immense and that tends to make you dizzy, don’t worry, you can very well fall back on the great classics. The wind rose you will be able to customize, the waves and rounded lines, the squares or rectangles nested, the borders of different colors, there are many ways to customize your patterns.

The era of traditional terraces, unicoloured, square or rectangular with no special charm is over. Today we love life, nature, colors and inlays of personalized patterns provide decorative elements that will set you apart from the property of any man.

What motives will you integrate in your floors ? What colours are you going to put inside ? Too many ideas ? It’s normal they can be infinite !

James Moylan President of Design Builder, inc. once spoke on this subject, he said :

“The installation of inlaid motives is an excellent way to break the visual monotony of large terraces of more than 20 feet (about 6 meters) long…”

“In order to position the inlay correctly, it is necessary to take into account your furnishings and decor. As for the choice of motives, I, for my part, recommend simplicity – subtle but flairful motives.”






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Logo of colors



The colours - Terrace in marble aggregates

Terrace in marble aggregates.


Choose your colors !


The colours will make your floor a marvel of design. Different shades will give a top-of-the-range appearance and careful workmanship. From deep tones to soft colours, you can choose from all these basic colours. By combining them together it is possible to create more than 24000 different shades.

This floor covering has many advantages:

  • It has elastic characteristics allowing it to withstand freeze/thaw cycles.
  • It has a draining capacity thus avoiding the stagnation of rainwater or splashes from the pool.
  • But it can also be completely waterproof with RESIMPER.
  • It offers many aesthetic possibilities (different colours, possibility to create various shapes and shapes).
  • It is UV resistant, the colours do not fade over time.
  • It is durable and indestructible like the Greek or Roman temples of the first century.
  • It is in-freeze, unalterable, antibacterial, anti-mite and antistatic.
  • It is non-flammable (barbecue) and it is a good anti-mould.
  • Easy maintenance (by water jet, no footprints).
  • It is non-slip (think of stairs, damp environments, bathrooms, showers, swimming pools etc…)
  • It is also very pleasant to the touch (Italian style shower tray, swimming pool beaches etc…)
  • It is also anti-stain (cleaning with a simple detergent).
  • It is also infinitely customizable (creation of drawings, logos, motifs, friezes etc…).
  • Finally, it is easy to install (delivered with documentation, video and RESIMARMO® hotline – an important saving).


The colours - Color Arabescato


Different colours for a neat work !


The colours - Color Bardiglio chiaro


Different shades of grey for an international class !


The colours - Color Occhialino


 Top-of-the-range surfaces that are wear-resistant and easy to maintain !


The colours - Color Bianco carrara


More varied colors, a standing and an extraordinary cachet !


The colours - Color Botticino


Different colours to creéer ate various shapes and shapes !


The colours - Color Verde alpi


Do you have examples of patterns ?


The colours - Color Rosso verona


Many colors and gra in sizes available !


The colours - Color Rosa corallo


Create your own personalized decor !


The colours - Color Nero ebano


Marbles of all colours !


The colours - Color Giallo siena


From white to black to yellow, red or grey !


The colours - Color Giallo mori


Strong tones or soft colours !


The colours - Color Brescia pernice




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The colours - Logo-RESIMARMO


The project - Terrace in marble aggregates RESIMARMO

Terrace in marble aggregates RESIMARMO.


Why choose marble aggregate ?


A project that is sure to be a success

Because marble aggregate is a…

  • Wear and tear resistant (it is perfectly adapted to heavily used floors, parking lots, corridors, entrance halls, etc…)
  • Resistant (pedestrians, motorbikes, cars, vans, trucks, etc.)
  • Unalterable (resistant to the most frequent chemical attacks).
  • Adaptable (Fit for underfloor heating).
  • No-flammable.
  • Anti dust mites (recommended for people suffering from allergies to dust mites, dust, pollen, etc…)
  • Antibacterial.
  • Anti-mould.
  • Antistatic.
  • Anti UV (perfect for external surfaces).
  • Seamless (waterproof walls, shower floors or bathroom).
  • Can be used on all types of surfaces (concrete, wood, stairs, Flooring, tiles, metal, etc.)
  • No-slip (staircases, damp environments: bathrooms, showers, shower trays, swimming pools etc….)
  • Pleasant to the touch (shower, bathroom, Italian shower tray).
  • Easy maintenance (water jet, no footsteps, dust invisible).
  • Anti-stain (cleaning with a simple detergent).
  • Customizable to infinity (creation of drawings, logos, motifs, friezes etc…).
  • A wide variety of colors (12 basic colors with up to 24,000 different color combinations).
  • Easy to install (documentation, video and RESIMARMO® hotline – important savings).

Carry out your project yourself.

Lay your own marble aggregate flooring. You’ll save a lot of money and you’ll have the pleasure of telling your friends that you did it yourself.


The project - Installation of RESIMARMO marble aggregates

Installation of RESIMARMO marble aggregates.

If you want us to do the installation for you, we also know how to do it !

We have teams with real experience in the field of interior and exterior decoration. They will put all their skills and know-how at your service. Their skills have been acquired at our RESIMARMO® training centre in Italy, where we train the personnel of our distributors and applicators in our installation techniques. They all respect our quality charter.


The project - Quality charter commitment

Our customers are happy to have quality service !

We always do our utmost to integrate your ideas and wishes into your project. We will present you with samples of materials, colours, grain sizes and complete documentation for your project and assist you in your decision making.

You are assured to be well advised, by professionals who care about detail and have only one will, you will be pleasant !

RESIMARMO® works mainly with certified Italian marbles: MIC, CICM which guarantee that all the marbles used are from quarries in Italy, managed in a sustainable way as well as resins for marbles, wood and parquet with the ECO LABEL label.

The services we provide are covered by a ten-year guarantee. Our areas of intervention are mainly in Italy, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and in general throughout Europe, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria.

We work with professional importers/exporters for all other countries, Eastern Europe, South Africa, India, USA, China.


Contact us, we will be happy to provide you with a quote !




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The marble resin - Resin pot RESIFIX

Resin pot RESIFIX.

Resin prices 

Marble resin

A marble resin is a polymeric product (natural, artificial or synthetic) that is a basic material for the manufacture of plastics, textiles, paints (liquid or powder), adhesives, varnishes, polymer foams, etc. It can be thermoplastic or thermosetting.

A solid or semi-fluid, vitreous, flammable, water-insoluble, yellow or brown-coloured organic substance, spontaneous or induced exudation of certain plants, particularly conifers and terebinthaceous plants (this substance extracted from pine and fir).


Pine resin

Pine resin.

We don’t say “plastics”anymore, we say “resin.”

In a reinforced plastic material, marble resin, also known as a matrix, is a very fluid or highly viscous matrix, used as a binder to make contact between the various reinforcing particles, such as fibres, balls or microspheres (small spherical geometry particle with a diameter of the order of one micrometer[between 1 µm and 1 mm]. The micro-spheres are sometimes called “micro-particles” or “microbead” of glass.
For example, SMC (Sheet Moulding Compound) prepregs include polyester resin, reinforcement (matt, fabric or fibre), fillers and a pre-mixed catalyst (hardener). This ready-moulded mixture for hot compression molding is in sheet form.

Since the term “plastic” has a pejorative connotation for some consumers, the word “resin” is often used by manufacturers in place of “plastic” and marble resin follows the same logic.

The SPI coding system for the identification of resins is a code developed in 1988 by the Society of the Plastics Industry to facilitate the sorting and recycling of plastic bottles and containers.

It is adopted in Germany as DIN 6120, then in Europe, and is applied voluntarily by manufacturers, but must nevertheless comply with a precise codification in accordance with a European Commission decision of 28 January 1997 (97/129/EC).

Technical certifications obtained

  • ETA : European Technical Assessment document Nº 06/0263 – CE marking : 10 and 25 years.
  • Flat roof external fire exposure Nº 06/32301345
  • Roof 45º fire resistance Nº 08/32309237
  • Root perforation no RESIMPER Nº 07/32305556 with RESIMPER Nº 07/32305557
  • Abrasion Taber Nº 10/101.729-1626
  • QUALICONSULT : Notebook of Technical Terms CCT nº 50 712 004 096 MS
  • BBA : British Board of Agreement 11/4836
  • IETcc report 19.221-II (2007) on thermal resistance.


The marble resin - Technical certifications obtained





The marble resin - Logo-RESIMARMO




Color Verde alpi

Color Verde alpi.


The marble aggregates - Table tonnage area thickness


The marble aggregates are naturally eroded to remove sharp edges and make the soft contact under the feet.
The decorative marble aggregates of the RESIMARMO® range are extraordinarily resistant to mechanical stresses. The reflections of each of the shades will allow you to create unique surfaces both in pedestrian and pedestrian way.
All these products available in washed and dried (PREMIUM), are compatible for the realization of drainage floors in aggregates plus resin.
These mineral aggregates are very luminous because marble is a material that reflects a lot of light. Your mineral space will therefore be considerably cleared with this type of aggregate.
These products, once washed and dried in suitable large drums which can contain several tons, are compatible for producing asphalt mixes.
These decorative aggregates semi rolled in large mechanical drums are products of our own manufacture, therefore 100% Italian ! Their rounded shape gives them a very pleasant softness under the feet.
These marble aggregates are mostly made of marble, and are the most requested by all of our customers. You have below a wide choice of colors for the realization of your outer mineral space, inside the house as in the garden. The richness and nuances of colors will allow you to create an original space, the only limits will be “your imagination”.
The whole of our collection consists of Marble and of quartz. The Quartz aggregates are mainly used to make figures embedded in the marble aggregates. Practically everything you want is possible, from logos to drawings, animal images or anything else you would like to see under your feet in the thickness of your floor-covering made of marble. The latter can be used for the mineral decoration of your gardens, patios, terraces, or even inside your home to give a touch of light color out of the ordinary. These are unique and rare pieces coming directly from Brazil. The latter can be used for the mineral decoration of your gardens, patios, terraces, or even inside your home to give a touch of light color out of the ordinary.
Contact us so that we can study together your project and advise you at best.


The marble aggregates - Phone number


Please contact us by e-mail:




The marble aggregates - Logo-RESIMARMO


Prices in the world

Prices in the world.


RESIMARMO® Product Prices


Prices of marble aggregates

The marble aggregates, a noble product and design


Resin prices

The marble aggregates form a top-of-the-range covering composed of 100% marble gravel. Non-slip, draining or waterproof. It can be installed both indoors and outdoors.


The marble aggregates - Marble aggregates and profiles

Marble aggregates and profiles.

For a long time now carpeting has no longer been applied to the floor, PVC floors and floors have gone out of fashion as well, and the coolness of the tiles has discouraged more than one.
The marble aggregates are a good alternative: it is a noble, unique, innovative and beautiful product.


The marble aggregates - Swimming pool M. Selva

Swimming pool M. Selva.



The marble aggregates: This year, I’m building my house! But so much work!  First the terrace! The swimming pool is very beautiful but it will have to be highlighted because the floor is completely out of use…

Today, when you settle down, either, you choose a “turnkey” property: you put your luggage down and you are quiet, no work!
Either one invests in a property that is less expensive but in which there will be more work to be done. In this case, the possibilities of having a house or apartment that looks like us will be more important.
In our time, more and more French people are placing great importance on feeling at home and making their homes a place that looks like them:

  • wall colour,
  • choice of furniture,
  • layout…

But also the floor covering.

  • Carpet,
  • floor,
  • PVC,
  • Tiles…

A large panel !
What to choose when you want a design floor that is out of the ordinary ?
Unlike tiles, marble aggregates form a non-slip, draining surface for added safety. No more puddles on the terrace and no more children’s falls or unexpected slips. It is in perfect safety that one can evolve on a marble granulate floor.
Its little plus is that it doesn’t fade over time.

So, the sun can heat up as long as it wants, your floor will always remain marble !









To become partner - RESIMARMO partners are trustworthy men.

RESIMARMO’s partners are trustworthy people.


To become partner


The RESIMARMO®  partner network is a network of many people scattered throughout the various regions of Italy, France and other European Community countries. Some are distributors and others are applicators through their technical teams. To meet the needs of our customers, we have created this network of partners. We had to respect our commitments and provide specific technical advice, in order to offer targeted advice to the different projects. We also need to define our customers’ aspirations, where possible, before they are even formulated. In addition, our advice must be appropriate to the needs identified.

The Distributors


To become partner - Distributors in Italy during a day relaxing by the sea

Distributors in Italy during a day relaxing by the sea.


All RESIMARMO® partners can visit the virtual showroom that we have put online for them on the Internet. It is much easier for everyone to meet each other on the web and talk to each other, than to see each other physically because of the distances that sometimes separate them. There is a good atmosphere between partners and everyone is committed to participating in the expansion of RESIMARMO® and the success of the network. They are also aware that customer satisfaction must take precedence over personal considerations.

 The applicators


To become partner - 250 applicators to one party provided by the Directorate of RESIMARMO

250 applicators to one party provided by the Directorate of RESIMARMO.


The Applicators are people who apply various products and apply application techniques. Affiliated applicators apply the RESIMARMO® product to customers. More than 250 partner companies collaborate with RESIMARMO® throughout France and more than two hundred others in Italy. Coming from the profession of renovation or exterior decoration, their personnel receive specific training in the implementation of floor decoration systems by us. In addition, site visits are regularly carried out by our supervising staff, preventing potential problems.

The installation teams are therefore only authorized to install the systems and a RESIMARMO® applicator certificate is issued to them every year. They respond in a short time to all consultations by providing skills and care in the execution of installation works, thus ensuring a reliable and durable service. The RESIMARMO® applicators network is composed of specialized, independent, certified and trained contractors. They ensure the correct implementation of RESIMARMO®, systems, according to precise know-how. We have identified for you independent professional applicators and experts in the laying of marble flooring, we have trained them and they all meet the quality criteria required by RESIMARMO®.

These applicators are mostly independent, others can be part of in-house installation teams. The applicators in our network were selected, then trained in the preparation and application of our products according to strict standards. In the criteria for obtaining the status of RESIMARMO® applicator, we ask for the decennial insurance coverages necessary for each of them. They will listen to you, respond to your needs, guide you, advise you and respect all the installation instructions of RESIMARMO® we request the necessary ten-year insurance coverages for each of them. All have adhered to the quality charter.

Quality charter commitment

They will listen to you, respond to your needs, guide you, advise you and respect all the installation instructions of RESIMARMO®. To bring you a quality service, they will also be your partners.




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