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Become a RESIMARMO partner

The RESIMARMO distribution channel includes a large number of partners. They are located in Italy, France and other European Community countries.
A distribution network is a group of players who sell, transport and deliver products or services from producer to consumer. It is made up of intermediaries and points of sale, but it can also be made up of sales representatives or individuals with different statuses. Members of a distribution network obey a discipline whose nature and degree differ according to the nature of the distribution network in question. At RESIMARMO, there are three main distribution networks:

  • The Distributors
  • The Applicators
  • The Resellers

Distribution channels – Why ?

Distribution channels are ways for companies to sell their products to a large number of customers. They enable consistent messages to be sent to several customers at the same time, reducing costs. Distribution channels also make it easier to deliver products in large quantities. They enable companies to better understand the buying habits of customers in different parts of Europe or the world. Companies can use this information to tailor their marketing messages and products to meet customer needs. Distribution channels also help prevent certain customers from feeling excluded. If one group of customers receives effective products and marketing, but another group doesn’t, this can cause problems. Distribution channels therefore make it possible to reach a large number of customers, reducing the risk of inconsistency within the distribution network.

The partners distributors

The partner distributor
Distributors are individuals or companies who buy products wholesale from manufacturers and then sell them to retailers or direct to consumers, forming a link in the distribution chain. In general, distributors have several customers and suppliers. Distributors supply goods to retailers by obtaining products from manufacturers and suppliers. They are intermediaries who buy products (or services) from a manufacturer with a view to reselling them to an end customer, whether an individual or a company. There are many different types of distributor:

  • Wholesalers,
  • Buying groups,
  • Specialty stores
  • Convenience stores…
  • Some are approved by the manufacturer. Sometimes, a reseller is involved in the distribution chain between the distributor and the end customer.

They manage both inventory and merchandise within a company. To do this, they need to have excellent product knowledge, and only then can they maintain and check the quality of goods. They also need to network with vendors, customers and suppliers. Distributors are very important from a marketing perspective. Their main job is to anticipate market needs.
They’re always closer to find out what customers want, and they’ll start distributing merchandise accordingly. They will help provide market information.

Distributors are the intermediaries that enable companies to reach their customers. Without distributors, products don’t sell and companies go out of business. That’s how important a distributor is to the RESIMARMO organization. RESIMARMO distributors can have as many suppliers as they like and sell as many products as they like, but when it comes to the products that go to make up marble aggregate flooring, they can only order them from RESI GROUP, the legal depository for RESIMARMO products.

The partners Applicators

The partner applicator

The applicators apply RESIMARMO products and put into practice the recommended installation techniques. Over two hundred and fifty partner companies work with RESIMARMO throughout France. A further 200 are located in Italy. Their staff receive specific training in the installation of our systems. In addition, our supervisory staff schedule regular site visits to prevent any problems. As a result, our installation teams are the only ones authorized to install RESIMARMO systems. They are issued with an applicator’s certificate. They respond promptly to all enquiries. The applicators bring skill and care to the installation work, ensuring a reliable, long-lasting service.

The applicator network is made up of specialized, independent, certified and trained contractors. Each of them ensures the correct installation of RESIMARMO systems, according to precise know-how. We have identified independent professionals who are experts in marble flooring installation. They all meet the required quality criteria. Most of these applicators are self-employed, while others may be part of in-house installation teams. The criteria for RESIMARMO applicator status include the ten-year insurance guarantees required for each of them.

The partner Resellers

The partner reseller

A reseller is a person who sells products directly to customers on behalf of a manufacturer or distributor. In most cases, a reseller is usually a registered or unincorporated business structure that buys and sells goods and services to generate revenue per sales transaction. Becoming a reseller can offer several advantages. Firstly, unlike distributors, resellers can work with several brands marketing products they wish to resell. What’s more, resellers can sell whatever they want, without having any expertise in the subject. This also differentiates them from distributors, who are sometimes required to pass a certification attesting to their expertise. Finally, becoming a reseller can be an opportunity to supplement one’s income or to set up on one’s own.

Resellers’ selling prices are generally close to the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Some resellers also add value to their products:

  • Reconditioning their products
  • By collaborating with fast transport companies
  • By structuring a realistic pricing plan
  • This often leads to increased sales.
  • He can adjust his profit margins.
  • He sets his own prices.

A reseller is a company that sells products or services on behalf of another. A reseller is an intermediary who often buys from a distributor, who in turn buys from a supplier. The reseller then offers the products or services for sale. Unlike the distributor, who is directly affiliated with a brand, the reseller may work with several brands marketing products he wishes to resell. On the other hand, resellers can sell whatever they want, without having any expertise in the subject. This point also differentiates them from distributors, who are sometimes required to pass a certification attesting to their expertise.

Our partners will listen to you, respond to your needs, guide you, advise you and follow all RESIMARMO installation instructions. To provide you with the best possible service, they are also Your partners.

All adhere to the RESIMARMO quality charter.

RESIMARMO Quality Charter

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ATE: Technical approval Nº 06/0263 – CE marking for 10 and 25 years.
Fire resistance
Flat roofs Nº 06/32301345.
Sloping roof 20º Nº 08/32309237.
Resistance to root perforation
Without RESITEX Nº 07/32305556.
With RESITEX Nº 07/32305558.
Abrasion Taber : Nº 10/101.729-1626

QUALICONSULT : Technical Clauses Book CCT nº 50 712 004 096.
BBA : British Board of Agreement Nº 11/4836.
CCT : nº 50 712 004 096


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