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RESIMARMO marble aggregate

Tapis de marbre, d'une douceur incomparable sous les pieds

«  »Wow, RESIMARMO’s marble aggregates surprises many… », that’s how people talk about me these days. My cleanliness makes my owners happy. My exceptional design makes me the king of floor coverings.

I’m made from Italian marble granules that have been SORTED, ROLLEDWASHED and DRIED. So I’m a high-quality product. My most important features are drainage and design. I have many other qualities, but I remain modest. You can find them on this page (click here).

Italian marble aggregate

The finest marble

Very much in vogue, Italian marble granulate is at the top of the flooring hit parade. What’s more, it’s a high-end designer floor covering. What’s more, because it’s 100% marble, it can be laid virtually anywhere. The 1/4 mm grain size is used for terraces, pool decks and garden paths, where you’re likely to walk barefoot. On the other hand, 4/8 mm granulometry is used for driveable areas, i.e. places where vehicles are likely to pass or park. The price is the same for both sizes.

Before Tax
Couleur Arabescato Rosso MixArabescato Rosso MixRolledYesYes25 kg per bag20,70 € INCL. VAT
Couleur Arabescato NaturaleArabescato NaturaleRolledYesYes25 kg per bag17,00 € INCL. VAT
Couleur Bianco CarraraBianco CarraraRolledYesYes25 kg per bag11,84 € INCL. VAT
Couleur Bianco ThassosBianco ThassosRolledYesYes25 kg per bag29,68 € INCL. VAT
Couleur Bianco VeronaBianco VeronaRolledYesYes25 kg per bag14,90 € INCL. VAT
Couleur Brescia AuroraBrescia AuroraRolledYesYes25 kg per bag13,51 € INCL. VAT
Couleur BotticinoBotticinoRolledYesYes25 kg per bag12,90 € INCL. VAT
Couleur Brescia PerniceBrescia PerniceRolledYesYes25 kg per bag14,93 € INCL. VAT
Couleur Giallo MoriGiallo MoriRolledYesYes25 kg per bag14,28 € INCL. VAT
Couleur Giallo SienaGiallo SienaRolledYesYes25 kg per bag18,17 € INCL. VAT
Couleur Bardiglio light MixBardiglio Light MixRolledYesYes25 kg per bag21,13 € INCL. VAT
Couleur Bardiglio Light NaturaleBardiglio Light NaturaleRolledYesYes25 kg per bag21,13 € INCL. VAT
Couleur Griggio bardiglioGrigio BardiglioRolledYesYes25 kg per bag14,80 € INCL. VAT
Couleur Grigio CarnicoGrigio CarnicoRolledYesYes25 kg per bag21,88 € INCL. VAT
Couleur Grigio GhediGrigio GhediRolledYesYes25 kg per bag10,79 € INCL. VAT
Couleur Grigio LondraGrigio LondraRolledYesYes25 kg per bag17,80 € INCL. VAT
Couleur OcchialinoGrigio OcchialinoRolledYesYes25 kg per bag18,26 € INCL. VAT
Couleur Ice Blu MixIce Blu MixRolledYesYes25 kg per bag19,26 € INCL. VAT
Couleur MarroneMarroneRolledYesYes25 kg per bag21,26 € INCL. VAT
Couleur MillefioriMillefioriRolledYesYes25 kg per bag10,79 € INCL. VAT
Couleur Nero EbanoNero EbanoRolledYesYes25 kg per bag13,58 € INCL. VAT
Couleur Rosa CoralloRosa CoralloRolledYesYes25 kg per bag14,51 € INCL. VAT
Couleur Rosso VeronaRosso VeronaRolledYesYes25 kg per bag13,02 € INCL. VAT
Couleur Verde AlpiVerde AlpiRolledYesYes25 kg per bag15,30 € INCL. VAT

Where do I come from ?

I come from the depths of the earth, my origins going back millions of years in the heat and enormous pressures of the earth’s mantle. To find me, you have to look for me in the mountains, for I have traveled far and wide to find myself in these heights. Very precious, I have brought happiness and fortune to many people. My purity has been used to worship gods and goddesses. The civilizations that have used me have left many testimonies of the past thanks to my exceptional longevity. Artists have sculpted me, leaving an artistic heritage that has stood the test of time. Finally, I’m still here, because my metamorphosis is finally complete. All I’m waiting for is for someone to bring me out of my mountains and expose me to the light. Because exposed to it, I’m resplendent.

RESIMARMO marble aggregate is now my name, and I’m still making people happy. I’m used for terraces, garden paths, pool decks and car parking. People call them « automobiles ». When I’m used for these strange machines, they call me « Parking ». But I can be called lots of different things, depending on how I’m used.

Le tapis de marbre, le revêtement d'aujourd'hui

My handicap: my weight

Not that I’m heavy, no, but I weigh a lot. And no pun intended, but that’s weighed heavily in my life. Huge machines have always been needed to handle me. Men have broken their backs moving me, others transporting me. My weight has largely contributed to the increase in my price, but it has also led to the creation of many specialized jobs. Yet I am incomparably delicate. Some of my by-products have been used to make window glass.

Magnificent statues have been carved from my blocks, and thinly sliced, I have contributed to the magnificence of great palaces. I’ve adorned the walls, floors, gardens and parks of homes for thousands of years. Today, I continue to enhance monuments, castles and princely residences. Humans even ask me to accompany them on their final journey. That’s how you find me in many modern cemeteries. There, I’m beautiful, I shine with a thousand lights, I sparkle on all sides. I make this painful moment of death a little more bearable for those who remain.

Gros chargeur de blocs de marbre dans une carrière

I’m going democratic

But I’m also present in the more modest homes of everyday life. I contribute to the social life of many people. Fortunately, you don’t have to be wealthy to afford me, and even the most modest can afford my services. I’ve been democratized, or rather made accessible. In this day and age, anyone can place me in any part of their home. I owe this to a form of exploitation that was not used in past centuries. Technology didn’t allow it. Today, the most common form of what I am is marble aggregate. In this form, mixed with resin, the range of possible applications for my material is even wider.

  • Pool decks
  • Terraces
  • Garden paths
  • Driveways (vehicle traffic)
  • Sidewalks
  • Stair treads
  • Vertical surfaces (risers, low walls, up to 0.50m high…)
  • Door thresholds
  • Etc…

Let’s talk technology

Marble carpet RESIMARMO Gallery

I’m used in a thousand and one ways. But I’m still a draining floor covering that combines innovation, quality and longevity. Perfectly finished and totally customizable, I can be laid wherever I’m needed, seamlessly.

RESIMARMO marble aggregate is a blend of marble aggregate and high-performance aliphatic polyurethane resin. It’s a non-slip, draining surface, ideal for all families. It is naturally slip-resistant. It combines quality with a perfect finish, and can be customized to your image with accessory patterns or geometric stripes in a variety of colors.

Outdoor use

These aggregates can be used outdoors. Marble aggregate can only be applied to sound, solid substrates. However, it can also be applied to existing surfaces. For example: slabs, tiles, cobblestones, deactivated concrete, pervious concrete, printed concrete, colored concrete, stone, etc. If the substrate is in good condition or can be repaired (e.g. small surface cracks, a few loose tiles), RESIMARMO marble matting can be laid. It is generally used for terraces, driveways, garden paths, pool decks, patios, etc.
Note : Italian marble aggregate is also widely used in renovation projects. In addition, as it follows contours perfectly, it can be used to level out uneven surfaces.

Indoor use

Italian marble aggregate can also be used indoors, on surfaces such as old tiles or concrete. In this case, RESIPRIMER HP resin is used as a primer before application. Italian marble aggregate also feels comfortable to the touch – you can walk on it barefoot! What’s more, in the interior of your home, these aggregates will add a touch of brighter color.


RESIMARMO smarble aggregate is laid at a thickness of 1 cm for pedestrian areas. Or from 1.5 cm to 3 cm for vehicular areas where vehicles may pass or park (thickness depends on vehicle weight). The final coating is robust and resistant to impact and traffic. The quality of the resin used makes the marble aggregate extremely durable, as I’m a natural stone. My grains don’t disintegrate over time. For aesthetic reasons, the grains used are either 1/4 mm (small grain size only available from RESIMARMO) or 4/8 mm (medium grain size).

You can trust RESIMARMO – after all, there’s a bit of me in them !

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The strengths


Technical certifications

ATE: Technical approval Nº 06/0263 – CE marking for 10 and 25 years.
Fire resistance
Flat roofs Nº 06/32301345.
Sloping roof 20º Nº 08/32309237.
Resistance to root perforation
Without RESITEX Nº 07/32305556.
With RESITEX Nº 07/32305558.
Abrasion Taber : Nº 10/101.729-1626

QUALICONSULT : Technical Clauses Book CCT nº 50 712 004 096.
BBA : British Board of Agreement Nº 11/4836.
CCT : nº 50 712 004 096


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