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20 anniversary

The history of RESIMARMO France

When developing its products, RESIMARMO France, true to its values, has made reliability its top priority. Who are we? A company that wants to be sustainable must rely on the reliability and longevity of the products it designs. We test every new product to ensure its durability and resistance RESIMARMO marble aggregates and resins have undergone these tests. This is the story of our company…

Year 2007
Year 2008
RESIMARMO trademark registration
Year 2009
Year 2011
Year 2017
Year 2018, birth of the group

Our action revolves around the following three main axes.

  • Taking your expectations into account.
  • Proposing solutions adapted to your situation.
  • Demands in terms of product quality and workmanship.
Talking is a need

RESIMARMO France is also…


We know how to take the time to listen to you and define your needs together. Your RESIMARMO contact remains the same throughout your project.

Sales appointment

Ane expertise

We offer products selected according to very strict criteria, which we never compromise on.

  • Reliability.
  • Safety.
  • Practicality.
  • Design.
  • Performance.

Our aim is not to maximize revenue, but to provide you with the best possible advice. Cost-effectiveness and trust are built up over time, so there’s no need to make them a priority.

The quality

We also take action on our sites in terms of quality and cleanliness. Every one of our employees is trained and committed to the company’s quality philosophy.

The professional approach

Excellence firms E.O.T.A, QUALICONSULT, B.B.A and others have recognized our expertise and reliability.

Certifications techniques obtenues

That’s how it all began…

First step: DECOPIERRE Italia SRL.

2007 – The DECOPIERRE Italia SRL. company is created on the initiative of Mickaël Bertolaso, a professional in « stone look » decoration. He joined forces with his brother Romuald Bertolaso, an outstanding salesman in the construction sector. Together, they offer a wide range of patterns and colors to create modern wall coverings. In Italy, they create RESIPIETRA wall coverings.

Another exhibition


Second step: Diversification

2008 -Market demands prompted the Bertolaso brothers to explore innovative solutions. In particular, this led them to develop a new product, marble granulate flooring. The aim was to meet a growing demand for decorative solutions adapted to horizontal surfaces. Surfaces such as rest and relaxation areas, swimming pool decks, solariums, terraces, parking lots, etc. And above all, in the same tones and colors as the materials used in their RESIPIETRA. wall coverings. They registered the RESIMARMO trademark and began offering their marble aggregates in France and gradually throughout Europe. Click here to find out more about RESIMARMO.

Third step : RESI GROUP
A RESIPIETRA exhibition

A RESIPIETRA exibition

The networks
A training room

A training room

Following a logic of constant development, they set up a network of RESIMARMO Distributor partners, coupled with a network of Applicators and Resellers. They brought together the best Italian and French companies in the sector and offered them training. By 2017, over 550 distributors and applicators had taken part in the training course at DECOPIERRE Italia SRL.

What drives us ?

Our ambition is to highlight this iconic rock, using it to create vertical walls or aggregate floors. This world-renowned stone is priceless and remarkably durable. Despite its advanced age, it is thoroughly contemporary. Marble comes in a variety of shades, each with its own astonishing characteristics. We’re talking about marble aggregate in particular.

Quality resin produces quality coating

The combination of a stone steeped in history and new technologies has given rise to a quality product RESIMARMO flooring. The blend of two materials, one ancient and the other modern, has produced something new. Like marble, it performs well, and like resin, it gives an outstanding design.

Today, there are many different resins, each with its own field of application. Two-component resins, single-component resins, but also polyurethane, epoxy, polyester, polymer, acrylic, phenolic etc… However, we can supply you with the resin you need. The resin best suited to the type of work you have to do. Modern times have brought their share of discoveries, new experiences and advanced knowledge in many fields. That’s why we offer training courses specific to our products.

RESIMARMO France training

A training practice

A training practice

The Bertolaso brothers train their RESIMARMO partners in new decorating technologies. Every year, in the run-up to the accounting inventory, we relieve our stocks by offering complete kits on special offer. This will be the case again this year.

So, who are we ?
We are RESIMARMO France.

We’ve come up with a tool that we think you’ll find very useful. It’s a form called « Quantity Calculation » that you can easily fill in. This form will automatically calculate the quantities required to create your floor covering. You’ll find it on the Online Quotation page.

Come and see for yourself by visiting www.resimarmo.uk. We look forward to welcoming you !

Érick Berneth. 

Announcement : We need distributors to cover the different areas available in the UK. If you’re interested, join us. Fill in the form below and become our exclusive partner in your region.

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The strengths


Technical certifications

ATE: Technical approval Nº 06/0263 – CE marking for 10 and 25 years.
Fire resistance
Flat roofs Nº 06/32301345.
Sloping roof 20º Nº 08/32309237.
Resistance to root perforation
Without RESITEX Nº 07/32305556.
With RESITEX Nº 07/32305558.
Abrasion Taber : Nº 10/101.729-1626

QUALICONSULT : Technical Clauses Book CCT nº 50 712 004 096.
BBA : British Board of Agreement Nº 11/4836.
CCT : nº 50 712 004 096


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