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Our deliveries

Zones de livraison

We deliver throughout Europe.

The delivery of marble aggregates, objects, goods or people (human or animal) from one place to another is called logistics. Transport logistics include aviation, rail, road and sea transport. The use of transport modes also depends on the type of vehicle or infrastructure. Different types of transport can include cars, motorcycles, buses, subways, streetcars, trains, trucks, helicopters, planes, etc…

Notre partenaire Transporteur - Fercam Austria

FERCAM transports

Our transport partner – Fercam Austria / Italia / Francia

Transport partnerships

RESIMARMO negotiates partnership agreements with leading companies to provide its customers with the best possible service. These companies are often leaders in their fields. These highly competent and serious companies bring us their expertise in sectors we don’t necessarily master. FERCAM Austria’s international transport services are part of this approach, and our main objective is to offer our customers cutting-edge services. Through five specialized divisions and partnerships of excellence, FERCAM offers a single, multi-specialized point of contact. We entrust them with a large proportion of our marble aggregate shipments.

FERCAM c'est aussi l'Air et l'Océan

FERCAM is also Air and Ocean.

Advantages – Transport decentralizations

FERCAM‘s strengths are operational excellence, state-of-the-art IT solutions and employees with specialized skills.

They translate directly into a competitive advantage for our customers. Marble aggregate is transported smoothly, deadlines are met and end-customer contact is meticulous. A streamlined internal organization operates through standardized, agile processes supported by state-of-the-art information technology. They provide the framework for an interdisciplinary and multicultural working environment. It’s a highly demanding environment, but one that is capable of attracting and developing talent. It rewards autonomy, merit and commitment.

FERCAM une réputation de sérieux et de qualité

FERCAM has a reputation for reliability and quality.

Flotte de Camions de la Société FERCAM

FERCAM’s truck fleet.

Gondrand Transports

Une des flottes de camion des transports GONDRAND

One of GONDRAND’s truck fleets.


Pour le transport de granulat de marbre nous avions besoin de partenaires sérieux. Les transports GONDRAND sont les transports les plus connus dans le monde. C’est aussi le transporteur le plus ancien d’Europe. Qui n’a pas vus passer un jour les célèbres camions jaunes ? La plupart des produits de consommations courantes ont été un jour ou l’autre livrés par un camion GONDRAND.

Our history

1866 – They were created on the initiative of the GONDRAND brothers, who set up the transport company.

1881 – After 15 years in business, the family firm has opened 16 subsidiaries in Europe and offers a wide range of services to its loyal customers.

1890 – At the time, goods were transported by horse and the GONDRAND company owned a stable of 350 horses and their carriages in MILAN, Italy.

Transports à cheval du siècle dernier

Horse-drawn transport in the last century.

1919To cope with the rapid growth of their company, the GONDRAND brothers are forced to change the status of the family business to that of a corporation. SA. GONDRAND BROTHERS is born.

1950 – The company continues to grow, and is taken over by Mr. Arthur Houart.

1963 – Creation of the Valence branch. Customers are mainly in the textile industry.

1966 – Transports GONDRAND celebrates its 100th anniversary. The company’s expansion went from European to global, with 270 branches worldwide. The company now specializes in logistics..

2011 – Conclusion of a partnership agreement with RESIMARMO for the transport of marble aggregates.

2019 – Today, GONDRAND transport employs 3,600 people. They are present in all the world’s major ports and airports. GONDRAND is one of the biggest players in international transport. We guarantee excellent transport quality, from pallets of goods to full truckloads.

In view of our own expansion, we have entered into commercial agreements with GONDRAND. They don’t replace FERCAM transport – we can only congratulate ourselves on the service provided by this major international transport company. Rather, they are a complement. For specific types of transport, such as regional, sea or air freight. They also provide us with a courier service (small deliveries).

With these two delivery heavyweights, we can meet any demand and deliver our goods on every continent.

Camion Gondrand


GONDRAND‘s strategy is based on mastering the production tool while maintaining the quality of its services. A pioneer in regional transport, Gondrand is now a world-renowned company, with a perfect command of all aspects of transport. It operates in truck, sea and air transport. It knows how to optimize its available resources to achieve the right planning and execution of services in line with the requirements of its customers and stakeholders. GONDRAND means quality service by quality people for quality customers. That’s why we entrust them with another part of our marble aggregate transport. The company adapts its structures to the volume of business handled, measuring activity to provide a precise analysis of situations and guide their actions. GONDRAND transport complies with all regulations, identifies customer needs, manages risks and seizes opportunities by equipping itself with the necessary resources. It is one of those « tax-collectors », otherwise known as forwarding agents, responsible for collecting duties and taxes from commercial players, and passing them on to the authorities. GONDRAND is the professional who guides you through the sometimes complex administrative procedures involved in exporting and importing. GONDRAND transport is authorized to manage « bonded warehouses » for import and export. In this way, your goods are placed under a tax-suspension regime until they reach the final destination of your choice.

Our needs

We have specific delivery requirements for our products. On the one hand, we need a service for small deliveries (even very small ones, like our resins). On the other hand, we need an equally excellent service for larger deliveries (even very heavy ones, like our pallets of marble aggregate). What’s more, in recent years a new need has arisen for containerized transport. Our expansion is under control, but every day we face new challenges. A container for Abidjan in the Ivory Coast, 3 pallets for the Lyon region, a full truckload for Belgium. Our needs are multiple, and the way we handle each order is different. So we needed logistics professionals to keep our customers satisfied. GONDRAND brought us what we couldn’t do on our own.

Surface de stockage

At the customer’s service

Having adopted such habits in their lives as consumers, professionals can no longer imagine their day-to-day activities being any different. This change in standards naturally has an impact on the « logistics chain » and on transport, its final link. A link without a safety net, for which the slightest failure can be seen as « cash », and can therefore have devastating effects. The company’s image would suffer, and immediately afterwards, its business would be severely impacted. With this in mind, and never wanting to leave anything to chance, RESIMARMO decided to work with GONDRAND. We have entrusted GONDRAND with a large part of our marble aggregate transport activities, our deliveries and the routing of some of our products.

If you happen to come across a


think of RESIMARMO,

because we’re « partners » with these people !

Marble aggregate delivery zones in France

CountryZonesZip code
CountryZonesZip code

Transport costs per 100 kg – France (excl. VAT)

Zones30 kg40 kg50 kg75 kg100 kg200 kg500 kg1 T1,5 T2 T2,5 T
A15,50 €18,70 €27,00 €37,00 €44,80 €24,80 €19,10 €17,20 €16,30 €16,20 €16,00 €
B20,00 €24,00 €31,80 €42,70 €51,60 €28,40 €21,10 €19,10 €18,10 €17,80 €17,70 €
C21,70 €26,00 €34,00 €45,40 €54,80 €30,01 €22,20 €20,10 €19,00 €18,80 €18,60 €
D23,00 €27,60 €36,70 €49,10 €59,30 €32,50 €24,10 €21,80 €20,60 €20,30 €20,10 €
E23,70 €28,50 €38,00 €51,10 €62,00 €34,00 €25,50 €23,20 €22,00 €21,70 €21,60 €
F24,50 €29,70 €39,80 €53,60 €65,20 €35,80 €27,20 €24,70 €23,40 €23,20 €23,00 €
G26,50 €32,00 €42,60 €57,20 €69,50 €38,10 €28,80 €26,20 €24,90 €24,60 €24,30 €
H26,10 €31,70 €43,10 €58,60 €71,70 €39,40 €30,60 €28,00 €26,70 €26,40 €26,20 €
I26,80 €32,60 €45,70 €62,40 €76,40 €41,80 €32,70 €29,80 €28,30 €28,10 €27,80 €
L26,10 €32,00 €46,10 €63,80 €78,30 €43,00 €34,50 € 31,40 €30,00 €29,70 €29,50 €
M26,60 €32,30 €36,30 €48,40 €78,70 €43,70 €36,80 €33,70 €32,70 €32,60 €32,50 €
Zones30 kg40 kg50 kg75 kg100 kg200 kg500 kg1 T1,5 T2 T2,5 T

Please note : The above marble aggregate delivery prices are given for each zone of France. Please note that each price is given in 100 Kg increments..
Example : 178 kg is in the 200 Kg range
                   284 kg is in the 500 Kg range

Service rates

Telephone service3,00 €
Hydraulic unloading crane60,00 € (on request)
Hydraulic unloading tailgate30,00 € (on request)
Postponement of delivery (absence)+60% of delivery amount
Request for signed receipt (POD)5,00 €
Insurance (All risks)0,3 % of 110% Value/Goods, (minimum 16€)
Delivery upstairs (Hors profil)SPOT
Open storage file20,00 €
Warehouse storage5-day excess (+ €5.00 per day)
Follow-up1,00 €

Order form :

  • Delivery city : Remiremont (East of France)
  • Department : 88
  • Pallet weight : 186 Kg

County : 88 (Vosges)
Zone : C
Weight : 186 kg     therefore     Slice : 200 Kg
Slice rate : 30,10€ per 100kg (see rates above)

Calculations :
Transport :                                                     30,01€ per 100 kg X 2 (2 fois 100 kg) = 60,02 €
Hydraulic unloading tailgate :                                                                                    30,00 €

Your delivery costs….                                                               60,02€ +  30,00€ =      90,02 € VAT excl.
                                                                                                             therefore Slice 102,04 € INCL. VAT

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The strengths


Technical certifications

ATE: Technical approval Nº 06/0263 – CE marking for 10 and 25 years.
Fire resistance
Flat roofs Nº 06/32301345.
Sloping roof 20º Nº 08/32309237.
Resistance to root perforation
Without RESITEX Nº 07/32305556.
With RESITEX Nº 07/32305558.
Abrasion Taber : Nº 10/101.729-1626

QUALICONSULT : Technical Clauses Book CCT nº 50 712 004 096.
BBA : British Board of Agreement Nº 11/4836.
CCT : nº 50 712 004 096


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